Labor and social security law

In the area of labor law, we offer legal assistance involving, among others:

  • representationof employees and employers in litigations relating to unjustified orunlawful termination of an employment contract, claims for payment of salary for overtime work, in cases of rectification of certificate of employment, mobbing or discrimination in the workplace,
  • preparing documentsand issuing opinions in the field of labor law (g. a contract of employment, non-competition agreements, management contracts, work regulations, salary regulations, property entrusting contacts),
  • preparing legal opinionsin matters of labor law,
  • legal advice whencarrying out a group lay off.


We have also experience in matters relating to social security cases, including:

  • in cases of benefits paid by the Social Insurance Institution and Agricultural Social Insurance Fund (pensions, old age pension)
  • in preparing appeals against decisions of the Social Insurance Institution and the Agricultural Social Insurance Fund.